Raising Financially Savvy Kids!

At what age should you start a saving account for you kids? I may be a little bias but when I was 6 years old my grandmother and grandfather opened my first saving account at Merchants and Marines …

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2016 The Year of Challenges

kay lets just face it I am a challenge addict. I mean the kind I put myself through not the struggles of life. 😂 I started this year in an unsure place just trying to find my way. So I starts out the year watching the movie war room and as a result I started a spiritual journey. After embarking on that journey and enduring the challenges of life I came across a financial challenge on Facebook by Tiffany Aliche the Budgetnista. I worked that program for about three weeks and then I was introduced to the Earn More challenge by Patrice C Washington. This challenged helped me get my financial and other important documents organized and was a great second step to improving my life financially and otherwise. Upon getting my finances on the right path and at least implementing a plan ( budget and organization) I decided to start trying focus on improving my health. Now I must admit that this is not my first time attempting to develop healthy habits. I have tried and fail several times but I keep attempting because I know its important. I need to live a healthy life in order to be able to enjoy life. Wtbs I am no reading up on clean eating and veganism and vegetarianism and trying to make good choices. I also decided to take a 10k steps a day walking challenge. Now this has truly been a challenge. I have used an app to try to track my progress but it not as accurate as I would like it to be. Furthermore, in another attempt to get some spiritual peace I have embarked on a 30 day prayer challenge. I know I know everyone may not agree but hey that’s what works for me. I will probably try my best to do some meditation also. Last but not least I’m a natural hair beauty so I also plan to complete a 6 month protective style challenge wearing wigs and clip in weaves in an effort to grow my hair over the next six months. 😵 There that’s it. All the challenges. I chose this method of self improvement because there is something about being challenged that makes me feel accomplished and motivated.

I love a good challenge.

I know, I know its seems like every other week I’m on a “challenge” but hey if it works use it. So for the past seven day I have been on you guess it a challenge. I promise I would recommend everyone of these challenges to you and have recommended them to best my friend who I love like a sister. So this weeks challenge was the Get it together challenge. It was all about get your personal and financial paperwork together. The lovely Patrice C.Washington yet again set us up for success with some great information straight to our inboxes. She gave out great printables on what documents you need to have on hand and how long you need to keep different types of important documentation. It was an awesome challenge. Along with learning about ways to earn more money I now know how to organize all of my important information. I mean you know you need certain things but some paperwork that you throw away each month or toss in a junk mail drawer are more important than you think. So through this challenge I was able to gather most of my documentation and and file it away in an organized fashion and get rid of a lot of stuff I didn’t need in the process. After all this good information and hard work I feel a little better about my abilities to achieve success because all of these tips and tricks can easy be applied to other areas of life and business. Please check out Patrice C. Washington on http://www.realmoneyansewers.com

Sometimes you have to encourage yourself.

Today I’m feeling a down; a little discouraged. So here goes a you guys already know my financial situation has a little rock the past few months. I have been hit left and right with unexpected expenses. So at this point I must admit it has started to get to me. Things are not going the way I envisioned and it’s a little disheartening. I skipped my meditation this morning and I am convinced that is part of why I feel so down and out. Anyway lately have be feeling like I’m drowning in debt. I mean I’m not really in debt so much as my income is barely enough to cover my needs. With this being said I find myself stressing about how to make more money. I don’t want to give up on my business or my dreams and goals but at the same time I want be stress free. I have been searching the internet for some type of work from home job but I really don’t seem to be getting anywhere. I mean with a background in Early Childhood Education there isn’t really a market for work from home jobs outside of home daycare which I basically already do as a nanny. I don’t want to give up, I’m not going to give up because quitting is not an option. Therefore, I must press forward and trust God to bring to a place where I can use the gift gave me to sustain my lifestyle. I know that God did not bring me this far to leave me. He will never leave nor forsake me. I believe that he is going to open doors that no man can shut and bless beyond anything I dream up or imagine. I just have to hold and keep praying and keep seeking my purpose to help others. He declared that my gift would make room for me and I believe that. I was create to serve and help others. God gave me a servants heart and I am going to continue to embrace that gift by helping others no matter my own circumstance because I know in the end it will all pay off. WTBS: Whatever you do never give up on yourself or dreams.

yours in love and truth,

The Advice Girl

Reading is Fundamental

After embarking on two financial challenges and taking several steps to improve my financial situation I realized another major step I needed to take if was going to learn from the mistakes of the past and change my behavior in the future. The next step in this journey was going to be to read. The money experts had their reading lists and I developed mine.

Once I decided to take the experts advice and develop better money habits I knew the first book I wanted to read was Steve Harvey’s Act Like a Success, Think Like a Success. I mean why not I read his other books and learned quite a bit so why would this book be any different. Well went to my local library because after all the work I did learning to save and earn more I was not about to buy a book I could get for from the public library. I checkout that book and a second called Girl Get Your Credit Straight by Glinda Bridgforth. I read Act like a Success Think Like a Success in a matter of about two days. I was so intrigued by it I could put it down. I was even texting my best friend every few paragraph sharing everything I was reading. I kept urging her “Girl you got to read this book its so good I can’t even explain all of it. You just have read go get if from the library that’s where I got it.” (please excuse my southern dialect) Now I sit two chapters into Girl Get Your Credit Straight! and I’m actually starting to understand credit. I mean the details of how it works and what all this information on my credit report means. I learning how to dispute and what to dispute and what my rights are as it pertains to credit reporting and I’m so excited about I just want to learn more. So with that being said if you’re in a pinch and need so encouragement or even want to gain some financial knowledge I recommend these books. They will at least change your perspective if not your behavior. Knowledge is Power!

yours in truth and love

The Advice Girl

Champagne Lifestyle on a Beer Budget

Now lets talk about money. As you may well know from my first post I’m not “rolling in dough” lol. Throughout the course of the little adventure I call my life I have had the chance to make some good and bad financial decisions. I can admit to my mistakes and I don’t make excuses for them. I have had money and not made the best choices when spending it and I have at some point abused or misused my credit on more than one occasion. It’s the allure of buying now and paying later that draws you in. I have even opted to use credit when I clearly had to ability to pay with cash or at least debit all because I liked the idea of seeing the money in my account. My problem was remembering to pay the bill on the card I rarely used simply because I rarely used it. When I finally remembered I used this card and need to pay it I was already in hot water. Yes, I know that sounds crazy right. Well it’s easy to do when you’re a throw the mail in a draw and get back to later type person such as myself. Anyway so 2 credit cards later I am not liking the look of my credit score.

However, there is hope on the horizon. You know I discussed that fact that I used social media to promote my business ventures well one day while on Facebook I stumbled upon an add for the Live Richer Challenge :Savings Edition by Tiffany “thebudgetnista” Aliche and I signed up. She sent out daily emails on creating, a budget, saving money, and creating multiple screams of income. Following those suggestion were the first step to getting my finances in order. During this Live Richer Challenge I also joined her awesome Facebook group call the  Dream Catchers and learned even more great information from other members in similar financial situations or member who had found their way into great financial situations. After completing the Live Richer Challenge and on the endorsement of the budgetnista herself I joined the Earn More Challenge with Patrice C. Washington “America’s Money Maven” and continued my journey to a better financial future. After several weeks of encouragement and  education from these ladies and their FREE challenges I am well on my way to success.

Checkout Patrice C. Washington on http://www.realmoneyanswers.com

Checkout Tiffany “theBudgetnist” Aliche on http://www.thebudgetnista.com. Also checkout her blog at http://www.thebudgetnistablog.com

My Entrepreneurial Journey

Okay good people you read the title so you probably guessed that this post would be about money. Well here goes nothing; the last year or so of my life has been a little crazy. First, last March I lost a job that I really hated and wanted to quit go figure. No love lost there; the feeling was mutual. In July I decided you know what I have an education and a few years of work experience I am capable of starting my own business. I have the wit and I can definitely gain the know who. With that notion I began the process of researching the steps to do just that. Buy the end of July had filed the necessary documents to form a Limited Liability Company in my state of residence. Then came the task of trying to gain customers. I had no clue what I was doing and no idea where to start do I did what most people do. I went to social media, created a “business” page and started trying to post to attract attention. Then I posted my services online on and signed up for varies online referral services that clients and customers use to find service providers; to no avail. I try this plan until the end of September or Beginning of October. Around this time I decided that this particular business was working so I revamped, re-grouped, and started over with a different idea. Within a few weeks I had booked my first client with this new idea and was feeling pretty good about myself. I just knew I was on my way. Boy was I wrong. A year into this venture and I am still not making any headway. Here I sit once again contemplating starting all over again with yet another idea. This has truly been a journey. At this point I am still saying let the journey continue.  I learn a great deal about myself and my abilities and resilience throughout this experience and for that I am truly grateful.  No matter what life throws at you NEVER give up on your DREAMS and VISIONS.

yours in love and truth, The Advice Girl