Champagne Lifestyle on a Beer Budget

Now lets talk about money. As you may well know from my first post I’m not “rolling in dough” lol. Throughout the course of the little adventure I call my life I have had the chance to make some good and bad financial decisions. I can admit to my mistakes and I don’t make excuses for them. I have had money and not made the best choices when spending it and I have at some point abused or misused my credit on more than one occasion. It’s the allure of buying now and paying later that draws you in. I have even opted to use credit when I clearly had to ability to pay with cash or at least debit all because I liked the idea of seeing the money in my account. My problem was remembering to pay the bill on the card I rarely used simply because I rarely used it. When I finally remembered I used this card and need to pay it I was already in hot water. Yes, I know that sounds crazy right. Well it’s easy to do when you’re a throw the mail in a draw and get back to later type person such as myself. Anyway so 2 credit cards later I am not liking the look of my credit score.

However, there is hope on the horizon. You know I discussed that fact that I used social media to promote my business ventures well one day while on Facebook I stumbled upon an add for the Live Richer Challenge :Savings Edition by Tiffany “thebudgetnista” Aliche and I signed up. She sent out daily emails on creating, a budget, saving money, and creating multiple screams of income. Following those suggestion were the first step to getting my finances in order. During this Live Richer Challenge I also joined her awesome Facebook group call the  Dream Catchers and learned even more great information from other members in similar financial situations or member who had found their way into great financial situations. After completing the Live Richer Challenge and on the endorsement of the budgetnista herself I joined the Earn More Challenge with Patrice C. Washington “America’s Money Maven” and continued my journey to a better financial future. After several weeks of encouragement and  education from these ladies and their FREE challenges I am well on my way to success.

Checkout Patrice C. Washington on

Checkout Tiffany “theBudgetnist” Aliche on Also checkout her blog at


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