My Entrepreneurial Journey

Okay good people you read the title so you probably guessed that this post would be about money. Well here goes nothing; the last year or so of my life has been a little crazy. First, last March I lost a job that I really hated and wanted to quit go figure. No love lost there; the feeling was mutual. In July I decided you know what I have an education and a few years of work experience I am capable of starting my own business. I have the wit and I can definitely gain the know who. With that notion I began the process of researching the steps to do just that. Buy the end of July had filed the necessary documents to form a Limited Liability Company in my state of residence. Then came the task of trying to gain customers. I had no clue what I was doing and no idea where to start do I did what most people do. I went to social media, created a “business” page and started trying to post to attract attention. Then I posted my services online on and signed up for varies online referral services that clients and customers use to find service providers; to no avail. I try this plan until the end of September or Beginning of October. Around this time I decided that this particular business was working so I revamped, re-grouped, and started over with a different idea. Within a few weeks I had booked my first client with this new idea and was feeling pretty good about myself. I just knew I was on my way. Boy was I wrong. A year into this venture and I am still not making any headway. Here I sit once again contemplating starting all over again with yet another idea. This has truly been a journey. At this point I am still saying let the journey continue.  I learn a great deal about myself and my abilities and resilience throughout this experience and for that I am truly grateful.  No matter what life throws at you NEVER give up on your DREAMS and VISIONS.

yours in love and truth, The Advice Girl






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