Reading is Fundamental

After embarking on two financial challenges and taking several steps to improve my financial situation I realized another major step I needed to take if was going to learn from the mistakes of the past and change my behavior in the future. The next step in this journey was going to be to read. The money experts had their reading lists and I developed mine.

Once I decided to take the experts advice and develop better money habits I knew the first book I wanted to read was Steve Harvey’s Act Like a Success, Think Like a Success. I mean why not I read his other books and learned quite a bit so why would this book be any different. Well went to my local library because after all the work I did learning to save and earn more I was not about to buy a book I could get for from the public library. I checkout that book and a second called Girl Get Your Credit Straight by Glinda Bridgforth. I read Act like a Success Think Like a Success in a matter of about two days. I was so intrigued by it I could put it down. I was even texting my best friend every few paragraph sharing everything I was reading. I kept urging her “Girl you got to read this book its so good I can’t even explain all of it. You just have read go get if from the library that’s where I got it.” (please excuse my southern dialect) Now I sit two chapters into Girl Get Your Credit Straight! and I’m actually starting to understand credit. I mean the details of how it works and what all this information on my credit report means. I learning how to dispute and what to dispute and what my rights are as it pertains to credit reporting and I’m so excited about I just want to learn more. So with that being said if you’re in a pinch and need so encouragement or even want to gain some financial knowledge I recommend these books. They will at least change your perspective if not your behavior. Knowledge is Power!

yours in truth and love

The Advice Girl


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