I love a good challenge.

I know, I know its seems like every other week I’m on a “challenge” but hey if it works use it. So for the past seven day I have been on you guess it a challenge. I promise I would recommend everyone of these challenges to you and have recommended them to best my friend who I love like a sister. So this weeks challenge was the Get it together challenge. It was all about get your personal and financial paperwork together. The lovely Patrice C.Washington yet again set us up for success with some great information straight to our inboxes. She gave out great printables on what documents you need to have on hand and how long you need to keep different types of important documentation. It was an awesome challenge. Along with learning about ways to earn more money I now know how to organize all of my important information. I mean you know you need certain things but some paperwork that you throw away each month or toss in a junk mail drawer are more important than you think. So through this challenge I was able to gather most of my documentation and and file it away in an organized fashion and get rid of a lot of stuff I didn’t need in the process. After all this good information and hard work I feel a little better about my abilities to achieve success because all of these tips and tricks can easy be applied to other areas of life and business. Please check out Patrice C. Washington on http://www.realmoneyansewers.com


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