2016 The Year of Challenges

kay lets just face it I am a challenge addict. I mean the kind I put myself through not the struggles of life. 😂 I started this year in an unsure place just trying to find my way. So I starts out the year watching the movie war room and as a result I started a spiritual journey. After embarking on that journey and enduring the challenges of life I came across a financial challenge on Facebook by Tiffany Aliche the Budgetnista. I worked that program for about three weeks and then I was introduced to the Earn More challenge by Patrice C Washington. This challenged helped me get my financial and other important documents organized and was a great second step to improving my life financially and otherwise. Upon getting my finances on the right path and at least implementing a plan ( budget and organization) I decided to start trying focus on improving my health. Now I must admit that this is not my first time attempting to develop healthy habits. I have tried and fail several times but I keep attempting because I know its important. I need to live a healthy life in order to be able to enjoy life. Wtbs I am no reading up on clean eating and veganism and vegetarianism and trying to make good choices. I also decided to take a 10k steps a day walking challenge. Now this has truly been a challenge. I have used an app to try to track my progress but it not as accurate as I would like it to be. Furthermore, in another attempt to get some spiritual peace I have embarked on a 30 day prayer challenge. I know I know everyone may not agree but hey that’s what works for me. I will probably try my best to do some meditation also. Last but not least I’m a natural hair beauty so I also plan to complete a 6 month protective style challenge wearing wigs and clip in weaves in an effort to grow my hair over the next six months. 😵 There that’s it. All the challenges. I chose this method of self improvement because there is something about being challenged that makes me feel accomplished and motivated.


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